Zamestnanie: Scale up coordinator for teacher development program

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Náplň práce:
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help scale-up the successful and proven teacher development program with consistently high participant satisfaction rates and potential to innovate Slovak education.

We are looking for a senior colleague help us drive:

Plan and implement scale up approach of the teacher development program
Design realistic financial sustainability model (incl. generating fees from participants, identification of other funding sources)
Identify and develop individual and institutional program partnerships
Strengthen awareness of LEAF teacher development programs among target group (Slovak secondary & high schools)
Build program impact assessment approach, Track and reflect program impact
Secure smooth program operations (incl. identify inefficiencies and define and implement necessary measures)
If you look for routine position and best tangible perks, LEAF may not be the best place for you. If you search for opportunity to follow your personal desire and mission, we can offer:

Meaningful impact: We aspire to support the development of talented young people who have the potential to be change-makers in society by building a boarding school, literally from the ground up!

Professional team environment: You will become part of a diverse and supportive team that strives to be at the forefront of 21st Century Education.

Challenging assignments: We are an entrepreneurial organization. On-the-job learning and fast personal development here is inevitable. You have a chance to bring and immediately implement new ideas.

Lokalita: Bratislava

Ponúkaný plat: 1300 € za mesiac

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