Zamestnanie: Industrialization Leader

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Náplň práce:
Responsible for providing selection and technical advice on manufacturing methodology implementation for Aerospace Carbon and Glass Fibre components, equipment and tooling for manufacturing requirements, process documentations and design support on existing and new Aerospace programs.
Key responsibilities of this position is as outline below but not limited to: Ensuring the integrity of program based configuration management systems.
Review of all Aerospace program based new or change configuration released from customers, highlighting to Program Leader, Procurement team, Tooling Department, Quality and other related parties on product configuration validation, Bill of Material BOM and Man Hour cost impacts. Incorporate customer requirements based on Purchase Orders, Condition of Supplies and drawings onto product manufacturing documentations.
Maintaining of the product manufacturing documentations’ integrity according to customers change requirements.
Provide support and team up on incorporating new processes and materials into production of an existing manufacturing environment. This shall follow up with continuous monitoring to ensure for problem free and process efficiency.
Lead the screening and selection of material suppliers & composites materials (composite prepregs, resin, fibre’s, adhesives, surface films etc) and manufacturing processes through cost/benefit analysis.
Develop process flow, labour and material cost models based on existing production lines for business bidding activities and process improvements. Preparation of manufacturing procedures (eg Technique Sheets, Standard Operation Procedures SOP, Job Cards etc) and specifications based on internal and customers’ requirement. Review and approve these procedures. Technical input if there is a need of design, create or procure of production equipment, machinery and tooling. Evaluate and disposition of failed parts with proposed solutions during MRB activities. First Part Qualification FPQ and First Article Inspection FAI activities supports for all new programs. Translates new contract/customers’ requirements into work requirements, processes, and tasks.

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