Zamestnanie: Construction Completion Coordinator

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Náplň práce:
Main responsibilities and duties:
• Supervise civil works, plant parts and equipment erection;
• Work out detailed plans for the daily activities, verify and update on a regular basis the actual progress of works against the project time schedule
• Check with Superintendents, Coordinators, QA/QC and Project Engineer that all documents, relevant to the Subcontractor scope of work, have been shared, arranging the correct management of the documentation;
• Check with draws that the erection quantities are the same of the foreseen quantities in the Order;
• Work with Planner in planning of activities, verifying subcontractor schedule, in tune with the contract, procedures, local regulation and Inspection Plan and Testing;
• Coordinate and control the delivery of construction materials to site and highlight criticalities and shortcomings. Check possible damages of supplies and verify that the supplies are complete;
• Control that the Subcontractor respects the schedule, underlining to the Superintendents or Coordinator delay and/or lacks;
• Ensure that the non-conformity process is applied and to work with respective people responsible for managing and supervising acceptance tests;
• Ensure that realization of construction in the requested extent and quality, in accordance with the relevant technical and the legislative requirements and objectives of the project.
• Responsibility for and preparation of COP revision on the base of needs of Unit 3 and 4 construction in Mochovce NPP;
• Ensure keeping of conditions of building permissions and other permissions set by state regulatory and supervision authorities;
• Ensure handover of civil structures parts to technical operation for needs of testing and putting of nuclear installation into operation;
• Organize preparation of basis documents for handover and takeover of construction site or its part and participation in the final building proceeding;
• Bear responsibility for fulfilment of decisions and regulations of regulatory authorities
• Bear responsibility for managing and coordinating the interface between NI and CI part, to control all areas of construction site;

• Monitor project schedule to verify that all predecessor activity related to civil finishing activity are completed
• Coordinate on-site activities necessary to ensure smooth achievement of finishing civil works aimed to final turn over of completed civil structure to customer including and not limited to on site coordination of various trade as per civil procurement plan to ensure that the construction sequences are kept in line with project schedule;
• Be the reference to other construction department for verification of area availability in case that additional construction works (mechanical and electrical) are requested to be performed after the start of civil finishing activity;
• Interface with Turnover group staff and participate in pre-turnover walkdown in order to evaluate status of erection activities in accordance with project design;
• Follow up that all remaining works included in various punch lists issued upon turnover activity are completed in line with the project targets and schedule and report to the direct superior any deviation from the plan or any other problem which will might affect their completion.

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Ponúkaný plat: 2500 € za mesiac

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