Zamestnanie: Linux Integrator - Tester

« späť na zoznam inzerátov 1000 € za mesiac cca 0,00 CZK

Náplň práce:
Job description, responsibilities and duties
- Explore behavior and various characteristics of virtual services and network functions
- Integrate different Linux based systems and applications
- Automate deployment of multiple packages of different Linux based software to form one service
- Automation of environment setup and processing of data to create unified reports and guidelines
- cooperation on international projects
- flexible working time
- interesting technologies
- motivating salary, benefits and bonuses

Salary (gross):
Software Developer 1000 - 1500 EUR/month (junior)
Software Engineer 1500 - 2000 EUR/month (semi-senior)
Senior Software Engineer 2000 - 2800 EUR/month
depending on the experience of the candidate

The salary range is given in EUR. The salary is divided into a fixed and variable part (the variable part is paid in full unless the Code of Conduct is broken or work tasks are not performed).

Lokalita: Žilina

Ponúkaný plat: 1000 € za mesiac

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