Zamestnanie: Aluminum Welder (DR20191021-02)

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Náplň práce:
Ship repair.
Standard information about our offer and our demands:

We pay all our workers weekly on Tuesday and/or on Thursday, this depends on the moment of receiving the timesheet;
We arrange and pay the housing/accommodation as near as possible to the job; So there will be no deductions for housing from our weekly payment offer that is stated below;
We arrange and pay the health-insurance; So there will be no deductions for health-insurance from our weekly payment offer that is stated below;

We always need the following information upfront, please send it to our email address, we will forward all relevant information to the branch/office that is in need of personnel;

A good, clear and an up-to-date CV in English/German/Dutch. Working experience contains at least: name company, country, function and job-description.Is the latest working experience longer ago than 2 years, please add an explanation why the candidate hasn’t worked for such a long time.
The level of language knowledge (preferably as stated on this website:
Competence profile (if available for this function, please see all profiles at this location:; this is updated/supplemented on a regular basis)
A good copy of the Identity Card or Passport
A good copy of the Dutch SoFi-number/BSN-number. If this is not available; please clearly mention this in your e-mail, this could influence the starting date.
IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code of the candidate
Contact information of the candidate
Possible starting date of the candidate

Make sure that the candidate brings enough money to live for the first one to two weeks;
We compensate the first trip to Holland if the candidate has worked for Alertec for at least 4 weeks. The maximum of the compensation is € 125,00. We need the original fuel receipts or flight tickets/invoice for this. Without that, it’s not possible for us to pay the travel costs.

Lokalita: Holandsko

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