Zamestnanie: Full Stack Developer

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Náplň práce:
Our team is passionate about up-to-date technologies and is striving to build a word-class product. We’re looking for a Full Stack developer who will take a key role in our team and company. As a Full Stack developer you will overview the end-to-end process of our product.

Your role
- Develop features from back-end to front-end
- Make wise architecture/design/technology decisions and take responsibility for them
- Write clean code and useful tests (and perform them). Review your peers’ code
- Merge code, prepare branches and releases
- Troubleshoot with steady hands and ruthlessly fix bugs
- Improve usability, performance and overall quality
- Efficiently & effectively work in small team and actively cooperate with other teams
- Follow agile and lean principles or argument and challenge them
- Take ownership and deliver features end-to-end (from idea to production)

Lokalita: Bratislava

Ponúkaný plat: 1500 € za mesiac

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